What does it take to live your Dream Life?

It's probably less than you think

Happy Friday everybody,

For this email today I am going to tell you about one of my favorite brain exercises I have done, that also happens to be the first thing we are doing with the attendees at KeysCon this weekend.

That is the Dream Life Calculation.

Basically the goal is to reverse engineer HOW to get your dream lifestyle, based on what your current business metrics look like.

Heres what you do:

Spend the next 15 minutes outlining YOUR Ideal Life and what each thing costs:

  • What does that life look like?

  • How does it feel to live that life?

  • Go down to every detail

  • Write each item on a separate line

  • Figure out Annual and Monthly Costs

    • Use Google/Zillow/Whatever

Go Into Every Detail of what Your Ideal Life looks like

  • Where do you live? Mansion? Lake House? Ski Condo?

  • How Often do you travel? Where do you go? First class? Private?

  • What kind of car do you drive?

  • What about your family? Do your kids go to private school? University?

  • General Living Requirements?

  • Cook your own food or have a chef?

  • Do you eat top class food or fine with whatever?

  • What do your hobbies look like and how often do you do them?

Add all costs together to get your monthly number.

Once you have that number, look at your Business KPI’s to calculate what you need to do to get there.

For an example my number is $26,647.

With our business:

  • Average revenue per deal is $17,500

  • Average Cost Per Deal currently $4,210

  • Net Profit is $13,290

That means I need 2 deals and a Required Monthly investment of $8,420 to hit my goal.

If all I realistically need to hit my dream lifestyle is 2 deals, then what the heck am I waiting for??

If youre reading this and thinking “well I dont have these KPIs” yet, then its time to figure yourself out because not knowing your numbers is an insult to yourself and all the effort you are putting into your business.

What are your dream numbers and number of deals needed to get there??

Let me know on Instagram!!