The Most Saturated Niche In Real Estate

That you've probably never even realized

Happy Tuesday everyone,

All over the internet there is CONSTANT debate over what section of real estate to go to next.

People claim EVERYTHING is over saturated, even though there are newbies and veterans alike crushing it with every asset class you can think of.

Ultimately you just can’t go wrong, except for in this ONE niche that is becoming increasingly popular as it gets harder and harder to do deals

That Niche Is….

White Guys in their 30s Talking About Real Estate on the Internet

I say this as a 33 year old white guy with a top 1% Real Estate podcast, an investor focused Instagram, and a Coaching Community focused on Real Estate.

I mean just LOOK at the guy that came to our first KeysCon event last year.

They all look the same! Late 20s to early 30s white dudes with facial hair and baseball hats.

It’s a funny thing because the shift towards the online influencer space seems to be the default move guys make when they either:

A) Have done well for themselves and find they DONT ACTUALLY LIKE Real Estate but just use it as a means to an end (Me)

B) They havent done ANYTHING notable, but want to stroke their ego by lying about it on the internet and discover its somewhat easy to do.

Either way, there are TOO MANY of us and it NEEDS TO STOP.

The primary problem is we are all out of touch.

  • We are at the ripe age where many of us got lucky by buying before 2020, but none of us have gotten our shit kicked in yet by a real recession.

  • Many of us don’t have kids or real family commitments, so we can take big risks and belittle people for not doing the same.

  • A lot of us grew up with middle/upper class successful parents so if things go awry, there’s always the inheritance to count on.

Ultimately, we for some reason feel like we NEED to be the voice of the people, while simply shouting into an echo chamber of everyone who is just like us.

You can make money in any niche of Real Estate be that Single Family, Multifamily, Commercial, Industrial, Mobile Home Parks, Short Term Rentals, Mid Term Rentals, Coliving, Senior Homes, Land, Section 8, RV Parks, Sober Living, New Development, LITERALLY ANYTHING!

Just please stop shouting into the interwebs if you dont TRULY have something of value to say and pretending like youre helping.

Anyways, thanks for listening to this white guy in his 30s talking about real estate on the internet.

Am I correct? A big hypocrite? Either way I’d love to connect.

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