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What it really takes to create Financial Freedom

Most people approach it the wrong way

At the age of 28, I left my W2 after 5 years as a corporate engineer with LITERALLY ZERO PLAN.

I did what most would never consider and went from making over 6 figures to working in a gym and driving for uber to make ends meet.

The first year out of corporate I made $14,995. Despite that, I had never been happier and I KNEW my life was going to get better from there. But how was that possible?

In case you’ve been living under a rock, theres a massive movement called the FIRE movement that has been growing in popularity for most of the past couple decades.

FIRE stands for Financial Independence Retire Early and is basically a movement for people to achieve Financial Independence that is enough to replace their W2s so they no longer have to work.

When I first discovered this concept back in 2013, it mostly revolved around reducing expenses and keeping a simple lifestyle while investing as much money as possible in index funds.

The basic plan was to have $1million invested while being able to live on $40k/year (haha ya right) and then you can comfortably live off of a 4% draw rate while your investment continues to grow and basically replenishes itself.

As the rise of the Business and Financial guru’s has gained popularity the general population is more apt towards “hustle culture,” the movement has shifted from its penny pinching origins to now be focused on buying “cash flowing assets” via Real Estate, Businesses, making LP Investments, Dividend stocks, whatever.

The narrative has shifted from “I need to make $40k passive per year and live lean” to “I need to make $40k passive per MONTH to live the life I want.”

Instead of living smart and investing with discipline, modern FIRE seekers spend their time talking about all the Real Estate they plan to buy, businesses they plan to start, and “big moves” they plan to make while not doing much of anything at all.

Now there underlies the issue.

By moving the goal posts and now creating a scenario that is MUCH more challenging, the FIRE movement has been overcome by cowards who use the massive artificial financial barrier as an excuse to not take big risks.

Being driven by a scarcity mindset (because honestly one bad decision CAN wreck people who don’t have momentum), the mindset has now become that if its not a potential HOME RUN, they’re not even gonna swing.

Its a toxic trap that is fueled by the rise of circle jerk masterminds, business influencers, FOMO being pumped down our necks by Social Media.

But, if you are SERIOUS about wanting to leave your W2, the best way is to resist and focus on the one thing that you can totally control, yourself and your own discipline.

If you are serious about wanting to take control of your own life here’s what you need to do.

  1. BUDGET your RESERVED lifestyle spending. The basics that allow you to live your life without being miserable. Be honest and cut out the BS.

  2. SAVE at least 2 YEARS worth of reserves to hold in CASH or T-Bills. Something that’s easily liquid that will not heavily drop in value such as Stocks or Crypto.

  3. BURN THE BOATS and free yourself from those W2 shackles. YES it will be scary AF, but it’ll free up your mind and FORCE YOU to figure yourself out.

At this point the REAL work begins.

You do not need a plan. You do not need assets. You do not need to be an expert in anything.

What you need is hustle and an undying belief in yourself.

The forced discomfort will MAKE you adapt, or you’ll fail.

If you FAIL, that’s OK, just take your whippings and go back to your W2 that you were working before.

What you’ll like find is that you can live on less than you thought, having general calendar freedom opens up your work ethic and creativity like you never imagined, and making money isn’t nearly as complicated as you thought.

So dont wait, BUDGET, SAVE, JUMP.

If youre serious about FIRE, its the only way.

Sorry folks long one today, but would love to know your thoughts.

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