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Why are Real Estate Influencers so Serious?

You gotta loosen up guys

Good News Everyone!

It is Wednesday and I am here with some more (probably) high horse opinions about things going on in the Real Estate Investing space that just make me wonder…. WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS?

I was asked yesterday if I hard heard about a particular investor on Instagram and what I thought about them.

I looked them up and was greeted by videos of this younger man (maybe late 20s/early 30s) that had a serious of videos of him in a suit flaunting his “wealth”, making all sorts of wild accusations about how everyone else is a loser because they don’t work as hard as him, and occasionally throwing in some Real Estate tidbits.

I realized the person who sent me this guy did so purely because it would leave me slapping my forehead, but then I got thinking WHY is this sorta thing so prevalent?

In a time where we are making South Park Style Cartoons about our Real Estate Stories, others are pushing this purest hustle hard persona that is so over the top you’d think it was parody if they weren’t so consistent with their postings.

As I see more and more copy cats of these ultra serious, king of the world, “Im better than you,” sorta characters, I just can’t help but wonder when did it become so bad to have fun with what you do?

Is it an upbringing thing?

Insecurity thing?

Posturing thing?

I really don’t understand.

People are free to do as they want, but I just cannot see how pushing forward with such a hard nose attitude leads to anything except burn out.

One of the easiest ways to have a great life, is to set up your day and your business so that you enjoy what you do as frequently as possible.

The truth is about this though, is that 99% of that has nothing to do with the work itself, but your attitude around the work and other people doing the work.

I guess all I’m saying everyone is chill out, we are all in business, very little of what we does actually matters and we are all gonna die anyways so just enjoy what you have while you have it.

And if you’re wanting to not take yourself too seriously, check out some of our little 3 minute Animated Adventures we have on our YouTube channel.

Enjoy the day everyone.