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Why is no one interested in LEARNING anymore?

A weird observation I've had over the past few months

Hey everyone,

I recently made a post in my SCALE community and on my Instagram asking for feedback on a few changes we are thinking about for the Collecting Keys Podcast and one of the most common things in peoples responses were they wanted more “actionable” content.

I started diving deeper with everyone trying to uncover what does ACTIONABLE CONTENT actually mean and how do you provide it?

Some real responses that set the common themes were:

“I want to hear more specifics of EXACTLY what people do for marketing, not just like ‘We do direct mail’”

“It would be great to hear more from folks who give the SPECIFIC DETAILS of how they built their business and not just the theory behind it”’

As I read these, I reflected back on calls I have had with SCALE Prospects, low level questions I regularly get from newer employees, and questions I get DM’d on Instagram and then it hit me….

No one wants to LEARN anymore, they want to be TOLD what to do so they can attempt to COPYCAT other peoples success.

I guess fundamentally if you look at the American school system it makes sense, they dont differentiate LEARNING from merely memorization.

But the literal definition of learning is:

“The acquisition of knowledge or skills through experience”

and everyone is wanting to skip the EXPERIENCE part.

I am trying to determine if it has always been this way and my observation is just a sign of me making one step closer to being a curmudgeonly old man wondering “WHATS WRONG WITH THESE KIDS!!” or if this is officially the new state of human beings.

I honestly hope its the first one, because a loss of desire to LEARN is a major problem that will handicap anyone who has a hint of ambitions.

The thing is, in business and in life. You kinda HAVE to have experience to make anything work. You cant copy EVERYTHING to success. If it was as simple as Copying everyone would be Rich, Fit, and Happy but that’s not the case.

Back in the Bigger Pockets days when you heard someone talking about direct mail marketing on their podcast, that lit a spark to make you go SEEK more knowledge. It forced you into a google hole trying to figure out how to do Direct Mail, does it actually work, how do I even begin to process it?

Now people go “O they didn’t give me their copy, cadence, and exact strategy?? That wasn’t actionable I wasted my time!!”

In order to actually build anything or be successful you:

  • Have to TRY things and FAIL

  • Have to STRUGGLE through understanding

  • NEED to want to quit but grind through.

Without all that, it doesn’t matter how much ACTIONABLE advice someone gets, as soon as things get hard they’ll blame the knowledge giver and not know how to fix things for themselves.

What are your thoughts? Is this something you guys have noticed as well or am I truly just entering my grumpy old dude years at the seasoned age of 33??

You can respond here or DM me on Instagram.

Have a great memorial day everyone.