The New Way of Selling

Coffee isn't just for Closers Anymore

Happy Sunday everyone!

Sorry this one is a little bit late than my normal mailing window, but we just wrapped up our KeysCon 2024 event and spent the morning in a state of flux as we prepared for our flight home.

If you're not familiar, KeysCon is or annual event for about a dozen of our SCALE Community members that is a 2 day intensive workshop for people to do a major deep dive on into their real estate businesses.

Every curriculum is custom built, and this time Sales and Closing deals was a hugely requested topic so we brought down our good friend and local Spokane investing partner Cody Cressey to lead a talk on how he has become one of the best sales people we have met in the Real Estate Industry.

The main theme of his talk was the difference between the OLD way of selling (high pressure tactics, push for the close) and the NEW way of selling (friendly, casual, non committal) and how mastering this has allowed him to succeed in the rapidly growing space of off market real estate acquisitions.

The fundamentals of the new way of selling are driven by 2 things:

  1. Tone

  2. Vibe

When it comes to Tone, now more than ever is it important for people to feel heard and related to.

Due to social media people are constantly bombarded by attitudes, people, messages they don't agree with and it's easy for people to get turned off from a conversation instantly because you remind them of something they don't feel comfortable with.

Matching tone both literally (speech pattern, tone of voice, tempo) as well as figuratively (matching their expectations, realizing their concerns) is literally one of the most crucial things in modern sales when people just want to be heard.

When it comes to VIBE, People have never liked to get SOLD, but in an ever more skeptical society being Laid Back and Casual and sounding like you're educated but honestly DONT CARE is a huge way to naturally create scarcity while also making yourself someone so enjoyable to be around sellers will feel silly not working with you.

Now these things may sound obvious but my point of writing this is to balance out this reareising trend or the toxic masculine sales trainers pounding their chest and pushing to sell based on fear, scarcity, and aggressive tactics.

That may have worked in the 70s and 80s (and selectively now) but if you really buy into that and expect to win, I want to thank you for all the deals we will steal from you while we continue to sell the new way.

Appreciate you guys!

Go shoot Cody a follow on his Insta. Great sales person, even better guy.

Enjoy your Sunday everyone.