How to Market for Off Market Properties

What we do to close a couple hundred deals per year

Happy Sunday party people,

When it comes to Real Estate Investing, finding deals is obviously one of the first parts that wannabee investors stress about.

Even after an investor has done a few deals but don’t have a consistent pipeline yet, they tend to become infatuated with finding the best Marketing plan that will take their business to the next level.

The truth is though:

There is no secret marketing method, and anyone that tells you otherwise is probably trying to sell you something pretty expensive!

The key to marketing is maximizing your conversations and having a strong sales and follow up process.

Regardless though, here is exact marketing method we do to generate 600-800 leads per month and close 15-20 deals.

Targeted Direct Mail

We pull motivated lists from Propstream that consist of everything from Bankruptcies, Liens, Divorces ect…

We filter out LLC Owners, properties at super high (or super low) price points, and make sure to only send one piece of mail to owners with multiple properties.

We use Open Letter Marketing to send a branded post card or handwritten letter expressing our interest and asking them to call or text us.

For about every $4000 we spend doing this, we get a deal.

This got us about 78% of our deals in 2023 and currently 76% in 2024

Outsourced Prospecting via Cold Calling and SMS

While Direct Mail is our core, the outbound marketing is our consistency.

The nature of Direct Mail has ebbs and flows but by having wider ranging outbound prospecting going it keeps leads coming in on a daily basis.

People always look to hire VA’s to do Cold Calling and SMS marketing, the problem with that is you have to build out the system, pay for the softwares, manage and train the team member, keep your data current, manage your KPIs.

It quickly becomes a full time job to not save THAT much money compared to outsourcing it.

We work with SimpliLeads to do our outbound marketing. They do both Calling and SMS for one simple cost and set up.

They’re the first company we’ve found that does this and they’ve been a core for us for a couple of years.

Professional Brand Marketing and Retargeting

So youre doing all this outreach, how do you stand out amongst the competition??

Aside from having a better sales process, the easiest way is to have a better BRAND.

You want a Professional logo, professional website (Not Carrot, sorry those websites suck and their “SEO optimization” is literally bullshit), and Retargeting on Google and Social media so they see your brand after they research your company.

Its slightly complicated to set up, but relatively low cost and can pay dividends.

We get quite a few deals where the sellers tell us that we looked more legit than the other companies there were researching.

Realistic cost to have a good website and logo built by someone on Fiverr should be under $1,000. Anyone who says more is charging too much these days for what you need.


Literally guys its this simple. You just keep doing this until you’re BORED OUT OF YOURE FREAKING MIND and then you do it some more.

Monitor your QUARTERLY cost per lead (ours is about $160), cost per deal (Ours is about $4200), and Close Rate (70% is industry average), and if quarter after quarter those stay on track, then youre doing something right.

If you have any more questions or comments, check out my show Collecting Keys and/or hit me up on instagram.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.