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What should be your first hires in your Real Estate business?

Hire what you NEED, not what you want

Good Saturday everyone!

Writing this laying in the bed at my Airbnb at around 11pm after a very successful first day at KeysCon 2024, so I apologize ahead of time for any errors or typos or ramblings.

KeysCon is an event for our SCALE Community members that has is an intensive 2 day mastermind into HOW to really build out your Real Estate business, and I wanted to do a deep dive on one of the biggest take aways several attendees mentioned as we wrapped up day 1.

If you wanna check out some details about KeysCon, follow me on Instagram to see some snippets of what its all about.

Anyways on Day 1 we do a big discussion on HIRING because I feel it is one of the biggest hiccups that new investors and entrepreneurs have when they start growing their business.

Between imposter syndrome and general uncertainty, people make recruiting and hiring so much more complicated than it needs to be.

While people overcome the confidence piece relatively quickly, what happens quickly and I think causes MORE harm is that people start hiring for the WRONG reasons.

They start hiring due to LAZINESS not due to NEED.

It makes sense why people do this. Usually when you get to the point you should be hiring someone, you’ve been grinding for months or years and you desperately want a break.

You look at the parts of your business you have been doing and say:

“Dang I wish I could WORK LESS”

So they look to replace themselves.

The problem is the parts of your business you are doing, are PROBABLY the parts you are good at and PROBABLY NOT what you should stop because you probably enjoy them and are experts at those particular tasks.

Instead you should be hiring based on the parts NOT being completed, or being done poorly, and you, as a budding entrepreneur, need to accept that YES YOU WILL BE WORKING ALOT for the foreseeable future while you focus on your skill set and hire people that compliment you.

Ultimately what I am saying is you should be hiring people that honestly will help your business grow and scale, not what allow you to be lazy because you are burned out.

If you’re feeling burned out and need a break, in the great words of Alex Hormozi:

“Did you think this was going to be easy? I didn’t think so, well this is what HARD feels like”

I apologize there’s no road map for who the PERFECT first hire is, or who to hire first and when. But instead you need to look intrinsically and decide what you like doing and what you are good at doing and hire people to NOT do those things.

You have no business trying to “step back” and replacing yourself from your business before youre making $1m a yer so dont throttle your future just because you dont want to put in the work.

Anyways theres my ramble from KeysCon Day 1!

Hit me up on Insta and give me some thoughts on who were your first hires and why you chose to hire them.