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How our Direct Mail marketing makes us Millions

It's really not that hard

Happy Thursday Everyone!

When it comes to finding off market real estate deals there is no shortage of opinions on the best way to do so.

There are a super wide range of direct to seller marketing methods, some people swear by strictly acquiring by networking, others build out these super fancy AI and data systems to try and laser in on the best leads, the options are endless.

One kind of marketing in particular though is regularly overlooked or dismissed despite it being how we have acquired over 78% of our deals in the last 2 years, and that is Direct Mail Marketing.

People tend to shoot it down for various reasons but the main objections are always:

  1. Its too expensive (admittedly a single order can get pricey)

  2. It “doesn’t work” in their market

  3. They prefer to “hunt” (cold call/prospect) vs “fish” (wait for a lead to call).

All of the above are somewhat valid, but the problem is I never hear any of these from people that know how to do Direct Mail well.

The key to good Direct Mail comes down to 3 things (why am I doing 2 lists so close together??):

  1. Appropriate Quantity

  2. Standing Out Immediately

  3. Mailing the right people

Things like copy, messaging, Call to Action ect… do not matter nearly as much as you might thing.

To do Direct Mail effectively you need to be sending out MINIMUM 4000 pieces per month, ideally as many as you can handle, and exclusively sending it to people who have some kind of recorded issue.

Propstream general niche lists work fine for the motivated people, bankruptcies, liens ect…. all the stuff you can find YouTube videos about.

But the key is you need to be sending that 4000+ pieces EVERY SINGLE MONTH to the same people and standing out EVERYTIME.

The big mistakes people make are:

(WTF another list?)

  1. They change lists too much

  2. They send the same thing every time

Our secret is once we start mailing people we NEVER STOP (unless they ask) and we run a tried and tested sequence of mailers every 6 months that are designed to stand out to different people every month.

We use Open Letter Marketing and do the following sequence:

Month 1: ROS Card

Month 2: White letter with the return name being a person

Month 3: Company Post Card

Month 4: ROS Card with a lower %

Month 5: White letter with the return name being a person

Month 6: Company Post Card Design 2

We just put this on Repeat with a budget between $5,000 and $10,000/month in each market we are in, pair it with a full time sales team, and watch the deals come in!!

What are your experiences with Direct Mail??

Hit me up on Insta and let me know!