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Daily Tips, Insights, and Musings to Help You Grow as a Real Estate Investor and Entrepreneur

What does it really take to be successful as a full time Real Estate Investor?

Hello there fellow human!

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If you have no idea who I greatly apologize and you can learn a little more about me in this post I made on Instagram.

If you DO know me and are thinking: “

“What the heck Mike! Who do you think you are!”

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A couple of years ago there was this trend by people doing quick daily (ish) newsletters just going over anything from things they are seeing in the world/economy/their business, to just musings on happenings in their own life.

I followed a handful of people that did this, and found it a fun way to get a brief insight into what people (whom I enjoyed following) thought about and did on a daily basis.

At the end of the day, we are all humans with our own complex life structures, our own backgrounds, our own life experiences, which all add to our knowledge and opinions, and sometimes a great way to see through the FAKENESS on social media is to get a little longer form, off the cuff insight.

So, with this daily (ish) newsletter I plan to talk about:

  • Real Estate Tips

  • Business Tips/Ideas

  • Things that are working in our business,

  • things that arent

  • things I wish I had done differently

  • things I am EXCITED about,

  • things I am DREADING,

  • the daily struggles of growing (or attempting to grow) a busines as well as myself,

  • and really whatever else I feel like.

I cant promise these will make you rich or tell you some crazy secret you’ve never heard before, but I CAN promise the reads should normally be less than 5 minutes and should hopefully spur some ideas, or at least give you some entertainment

I plan to type these quick, off the cuff, so I apologize ahead of times for typos or gramatical errors.

If you plan to follow along, I’m stoked to have you! If not, once again you can unsubscribe at that nice little button at the bottom of this email 😀 

Appreciate you all and lets keep talking,