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Are Alex Hormozi's Teachings Relevant to Real Estate?

Depends on your niche....

Super Sunday everyone!

I'm currently on a flight to Las Vegas to attend a Scaling Workshop put on my Alex and Lela Hormozi at their Acquisition.com head quarters.

If you're not familiar with the Hormozis, they are the hottest thing to have graced the Business influencer/edutainment (is that a word) space since probably ever.

They run a Private Equity company (Acquisition.com) and produce TONS of content that has taken off like wildfire due to their ability to explain business skills and tactics in such simple ways that you can't help but go “hold shit it really must be that easy!”

They've started putting on these Scaling work shops at their HQ in Las Vegas and as soon as they came available I had to jump on the opportunity to work directly with them and their team.

Now admittedly my focus of the trip is NOT my RE Business but my Marketing business SimpliLeads and my SCALE Community, and that's primarily because I honestly don't think a lot of what they teach applies to real estate businesses.

Many of their lessons come from an extremely data and process driven approach. They exclusively focus on their KPIs and financial metrics to strategically make the most optimum decisions to scale the businesses they acquire with their Private Equity company.

The goals are to reduce the Customer Acquisition Cost while boosting your LTV (life time value) of your customers to maximize your ROI.

The problem with this thinking is that Real Estate Investing is a perfectly imperfect business and many of these metrics just don't apply.

It's not as simple as creating a value add product, running marketing/sales funnels, and just multiplying to critical mass.

Sure there's a small element of that, bit there are an infinite number of other variables in Real Estate.

  • Every seller can have a wide range of demands and expectations

  • Every property varies by location, size, age, features, and profit potential.

  • Every market has different Real Estate cultures as well as different seasonalities.

  • The value of the product (properties) is fundamentally altered by macroeconomics, interest rates, general economic sentiment. (Things out of your control).

Fundamentally Real Estate is a crappy business model to try and scale with the Hormozi methodology.

Now that's not to say they don't have value content and lessons. They absolutely do, especially around leadership and general organization systems. But, trying to copy their $100m Leads or $100m Offers books verbatim for your Real Estate business won't yield the results you want.

Honestly to grow your RE business, you're probably best coming and learning from people who are actively doing Real Estate, specifically like everyone in our SCALE Community 😉 (this post wasn't meant to be a plug but it just worked so well!!)

Regardless, I'm so excited for the workshop and the lessons that'll come with my other more traditional businesses.

I've heard Alex and Lela get involved directly and Im embarrassed to say I may fan girl like I've only done once before, when I met John Cena while testing obstacles for a game show he was hosting (a story for another time).

Either way, over the next 2 days I'll be reporting on what we cover so you all can get some of the top value adds without needing to make the trip to Vegas or paying the hefty price tag to attend yourself.

Have a great week everyone,