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AI Wont steal your jobs, the Overseas Workforce Will

In 2024, people in other countries want your job for a fraction of the cost.

When I made THIS POST a few months ago, the DM’s I got reminded that its still shockingly uncommon for people to embrace the virtual world, wide workforce.

Despite the massive increase in awareness and industry around finding and hiring VA’s, I forget that a huge portion of the US population still associates overseas workers with phone scammers trying to steal your social security number.

Across my companies we currently employ 14 overseas team members from 5 different countries, and we just hired 3 more which start in the middle of June.

These team members do everything from Sales, Transaction Coordination, Client Management, Data Analytics, Marketing, Graphic Design, Video Editing, even Accounting.

They do pretty much everything American team members can do, for a quarter of the cost, and with good training and leadership sometimes they can do the work even BETTER.

To make things even more interesting they:

  • Rarely seem to want time off

  • Actively seek to improve themselves and your processes

  • Are openly grateful for the opportunity to work at your company

What’s not to love about all that?

Since I first started interviewing and hiring overseas talent in 2018, there has been a SHOCKING increase in skill level and education that is hard to ignore.

Due to the global economy collectively hiring and training the world population, gone are the days of hiring Third World Individuals who sit in dark rooms and crunch numbers on a spreadsheet.

Now your prospects are coming to interviews prepared with 5 or 10 years of experience in your respective field.

They have referrals from other US based employers.

They have their own systems and ideas that worked wonders in their previous jobs that will improve your business too.

And they are driven by their very own gold rush of the 2020s, which is landing a stable job with an American Company.

All of this is happening on in tangent of the American rhetoric about how nobody wants to work anymore and with Gen Z’s “quiet quitting” left and right (allegedly, I haven’t seen this myself).

Its hard not to be concerned about what this meteoric rise of overseas talent means for the NEAR future of the US working population.

People focus on AI, but it will take YEARS (or longer) for people to truly trust AI, and longer for companies to be willing to fully let AI run parts of their businesses.

The Overseas Workforce is already here, biting at the bit.

They are ready to work harder, smarter, and cheaper in pretty much every industry you can think of.

As soon as they can figure out how to have a Filipino plumber fix our houses from across the ocean, we are all completely screwed.

If you haven’t yet! Find yourself some overseas talent, its highly possible they will be some of the best team members you’ve ever had.

My favorite places are Upwork for hiring yourself or we source alot of ours from the staffing company Rocket Station VAs.

Hit me up on Instagram and let me know what you think!