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10 Thoughts to Help You Be a Better Investor

Musings from my 7 hour road trip

Hey everyone,

I had a 7 hour drive back to my home town in Montana yesterday so didn't get a chance to write up a normal post.

Instead hers 10 thoughts on Real Estate and business I had during the drive that I thought could be relevant for you all:

  1. Everyone is marketing to the same people the same ways. Just keep it simple and focus on providing a better seller experience and having a stronger sales team.

  2. What is considered a good deal is completely subjective. Your ideal price will always be different from other people so focus on what makes sense for you.

  3. You can make millions in any asset class. Once you commit to one, stick with it for the long haul.

  4. You want your contractors to be fast, cheap, and high quality. You'll only ever get 2, so choose which ones matter to you most.

  5. Private Investors or Other People's Money (OPM) is also a debt that needs to be paid off. People need to stop acting like it's free money.

  6. Anyone who actively brags about the AUM, door count, or cashflow probably doesn't know what they're talking about.

  7. You truly can go broke buying good deals. Focus on making money and invest the surplus. Don't hoard houses you can't afford like some kind of Real Estate dragon.

  8. Wholesaling is one of the only RE businesses where a 1 or 2 person operation can make 7 figures per year without debt and relying on pure hustle.

  9. Gurus get alot of hate, but there are some great ones out there. Just make sure someone is still an active operator before you give them your money. Anyone who's gone full time guru will have outdated knowledge about the RE world very quickly.

  10. For most of us, Real Estate isn't the thing. It's just the thing that's gonna get us to the thing.

Have a great Saturday everyone.